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Flamenco Guitar Initiation

1.- Essential for initiation in flamenco guitar

Essential products to start in the Flamenco Guitar

Indispensable in your flamenco guitar bookstore

2.- Paco de Lucía score books

Indispensable Paco de Lucía´s sheet music books in your Flamenco Guitar collection

All secrets for the Accompaniment to "El Cante"

3.- Accompaniment to "El Cante"

All secrets for the Accompaniment to "El Cante"

The most popular for Bulerías

4.- Por Bulerías

All you ned for "el toque por Bulerías"

Indispensable for palmas and cajón, flamenco metronomes

5.- Palmas, Cajón and Beat

All you ned to play palmas and cajón.

The most popular for Soleá

6.- Por Soleá

All you ned for "el toque por Soleá"

Essential materials for mastering the Flamenco Guitar

7.- Studies for Flamenco Guitar

The most popular products for Alegrías

8.- Por Alegrías

All you ned for "el toque por Alegrías"

The indispensable for Flamenco Singing

9.- Cante Flamenco

For learning Cante flamenco and accompaniment

All for Flamenco Guitar duets

10.- Flamenco Guitar duets

The most popular products for Tangos

11.- Por Tangos

Indispensable for playing Flamenco Bass and Melodic Instrumerts

12.- Flamenco Bass and Melodic Instruments

All for Flamenco Bass and Melodic Instruments

Everything you need to play Flamenco Piano

13.- Piano Flamenco

The beat, styles, form, rhythm, harmony, melody ….

14.- Flamenco Theory

All to know about Flamenco Musical Theory
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