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In this section there are "pack of products" at an advantageous price compared to purchasing the same products separately. Discounts range from 10% to 30% depending on the pack.
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Saving Pack (8 Books) - Paco de Lucia New
Paco de Lucía, 8 score books collection
Saving pack (Book + CD) -Zyryab Paco de Lucía
Reference: PAckzyryab
Zyryab score Book - Paco de Lucía and CD
Transcriptions by David Leiva. Language: Spanish and English,

Flamenco Zapateado Method (Pack 3 DVD/Book) - Rosa de las Heras
Throughout these DVDs, on one side we shall see the different parts of the foot used, and the ways to strike the floor which we’ll call the TECHNIQUES (Sole, halft sole, heel block,, heel edge, toe, etc.). And on the other side, we shall also see the different rhythms made by using these techniques in different flamenco palos
Language: Spanish, English and Japanese. - DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).
Palmas por Palos Pack Vol 1 & 2 (DVD/Book), Jerónimo Utrilla Recommended
The "Palmas por Palos” series is a continuation and a complement of the "Learn and practice the palmas” though this one includes some new ideas and elements to study the Flamenco rhythm.
Bulerías, Fandangos de Huelva, Rumba, Seguiriya, Tanguillos, Soleá, Jaleos, Tientos/Tangos, Sevillanas, Alegrías

Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese.
DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).

Progressive studies for Flamenco Guitar - Pack 5 (Book/DVD) - Mehdi Mohagheghi OfferRecommended
Reference: DVDEPPACK5
Soleá, Bulerías, Soleá por Bulerías, Alegrías y Tango studies for flamenco guitar, suitable for all levels. Measures and falsetas (variations) are gradually studied, reaching the right level to play falsetas of famous flamenco guitarists.
Spanish and English
Systems: PAL & NTSC
Saving Pack  - Dance with me Offer
Reference: PACKBAILACONMIGO/Pack Baila comigo
CDs collection  "Baila conmigo", Alegrías, Fandangos, Soleá, Tangos
Saving Pack  - Flamenco Bass - Mariano Martos
Reference: PACKAHORROBAJO/Pack Ahorro Bajo
Flamenco Bass Method  1+2 (Book/CD) & Flamenco Bass Clinic (Book/DVD), Mariano Martos.
Language: Spanish and English., DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).

Saving Pack  - Flamenco Jazz
Reference: PACKFJAZZ/Pack FJazz
Flamenco Jazz & Flamenco Real Book
Saving Pack  - Manuel Granados
Reference: PACKGRANADOS2/Pack Granados 2
Harmony and Flamenco Guitar Treaty, 2 Books/CD
Saving Pack  - Sabicas
Reference: PACKSABICAS/Pack Sabicas

Sabicas collection. 4 Books

Saving Pack  - Vicente Amigo
Reference: PACKVAMIGO/Pack V.Amigo

Vicente Amigo Score Books, Campo de la Verdad & Maestros contemporáneos

Recommended in "SAVING PACKS"

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