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Luís Nuño

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Harmonic Wheel  - Luís Nuño
Reference: RUEDA/ruedaarmonica
The Harmonic Wheel is a new representation of Sounds, where the Consonance Relationships among them are clearly shown.
IMPROCHART - Improvisation Chart  - Luis Nuño
IMPROCHART is an Improvisation Chart based on the CHORD SCALE THEORY, which automatically gives us all the Scales related to a given Chord.
Musical Abacus - Luis Nuño
Reference: Abaco
The Musical Abacus integrates the main concepts in Music Theory, relating them in a logical and ordered way.
Puesta de Sol 1 (Book/CD) - Luis Nuño
Reference: LCDPDS1/LCD-PDS1

Collection with three waltzes, three boleros, one tango, one samba, one bossa nova and one cumbia-samba.

Puesta de Sol 2 (Book/CD) - Luis Nuño
Reference: LCDPDS2/LCD-PDS2
It contains one muñeira, five waltzes, one bolero, one habanera, one samba and one jazz ballad.
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