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José Manuel Montoya - Guitarist

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Flamenco Guitar - Accompanying the singing "por Bulerías" (DVD/Booklet), Jose Manuel Montoya
Reference: DVDGF11
A DVD serie that explains every single guitar technique for people who already have some basic knowledge and wish to take up Flamenco. " Every techniques are explaniend at normal speed and step by step. Practices with special exercises and concert themes.

Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese versions.

Flamenco Guitar Bulerías step by step I (DVD/Booklet), José Manuel Montoya
Reference: DVDGF10
Deep study of Buleráis, for beginers with basic knowledge of Flamenco Guitar Techniques. Explained exercises and concert themes in these videos are suitable for all kind of guitarists (from low up to high level).

Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese versions.
Saving Pack -Bulerías-  Jose Manuel Montoya Offer
Reference: PACKBULERIAS/Pack Bulerías
Bulerías Step by Step by Jose Manuel Montoya- "Bulerías" - 2 Books/DVDs
Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese versions.
Flamenco puro (Score Book/CD), Sabicas
Reference: L&CDSABICAS
Transcription by Juan de la Mata, second guitar of SABICAS for more than 30 years.
Played by
Jose Manuel Montoya
Format A4
Introduction in Spanish, English and French.
48 pages

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