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Flamenco Guitar - Score books, page 2 of 8

Flamenco Guitar - Score books
 Paco de Lucía official score book series,  The Great Flamenco Guitarists of Today Library by Enrique Vargas, Enrique de Melchor,  Gerardo Núñez, Jorge Berges, Jose Luis Montón, Juan Carmona, Juan Martín,Juan Serrano, Manuel Cano,  Melchor de Marchena, Moraíto de Jerez,  Niño Miguel,  Niño Ricardo, Oscar Herrero, Paco Cepero, Pepe Habichuela, Rafael Moreno, Ramón Montoya, Sabicas, Serranito, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, etc 
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Saving pack (Book + CD) -Zyryab Paco de Lucía
Reference: Packzyryab
Zyryab score Book - Paco de Lucía and CD
Transcriptions by David Leiva. Language: Spanish and English,

Campo de la Verdad (Score Book), Vicente Amigo Recommended
Reference: LV.AMIGO2
Transcription by Max Herzog, themes selection form "Vivencias Imaginadas", the Latin-Grammy for Best Flamenco Album in 2001 "Ciudad de las Ideas" and "Un Momento en el Sonido" records.
Flamenco puro (Score Book/CD), Sabicas
Reference: L&CDSABICAS
Transcription by Juan de la Mata, second guitar of SABICAS for more than 30 years.
Played by
Jose Manuel Montoya
Format A4
Introduction in Spanish, English and French.
48 pages

Flamenco´s Guitar Guide  (Book) - David Leiva Recommended
Reference: LGUIAGF/L-Guia GF
This guide contains all the clues to compose, Falsetas, chords, progressions, scales or to improvise in a quick and easy way. This guide is aimed to beginners and professional guitar players. 
Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Japanese
A5, 100 pages
Hechizo (Score Book/CD), Oscar Herrero
Reference: L&CDHECHIZO
Scores booklet partitures in notation and cifra from the CD "hechizo". Tablure and standard notation. Transcriptions by Oscar Herrero and Claude Worms.
Introduction in Spanish, English and French.
A4 format
108 Pages
Mil abrazos (Score Book/CD), Jorge Berges
Scores booklet partitures in notation and cifra from the CD "Mil abrazos" of Jorge Berges.
Saving Pack  - Sabicas
Reference: PACKSABICAS/Pack Sabicas

Sabicas collection. 4 Books

Saving Pack  - Vicente Amigo
Reference: PACKVAMIGO/Pack V.Amigo

Vicente Amigo Score Books, Campo de la Verdad & Maestros contemporáneos

Saving Pack - Serranito
Reference: PackSerranito
Serranito in concert DVD + Book
Saving Pack - Tomatito
Reference: PACKTOMATITO/Pack Tomatito
"Paseo de los castaños" Books &CD

Recommended in "Flamenco Guitar - Score books"

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