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Didactic books - Flamenco theory

Didactic books - Flamenco theory
To understand Flamenco and become a flamenco expert. Faustino Núnez, Manuel Granados, María Jesús Castro, Lola Fernandez, Curro Cueto,José Martínez Hernández, etc
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Flamenco Method for Melodic instruments (Book/CD or Streaming Audio), Juan Parrilla Recommended
‘G' clef, ‘F' clef, Transposing for instruments in ‘B' flat , Transposing for instruments in ‘E' flat
Includes a CD with all exercises + 6 melodic themes with two audo versions (flute + accompaniment, and accompaniment whiout flute)

Language: Spanish and English.

Armonía del Flamenco - Manuel Granados (Libro/CD)
Reference: LMAESTRO02
Armonía del Flamenco del maestro Manuel Granados nos da una completa visión de los aspectos melódico-armónicos que se configuran en el flamenco tradicional.
Libro A4, 128 páginas. Incluye CD.
Idioma: español.
El Tratado Académico de La Guitarra Flamenca Vol.1, (Libro/CD) Manuel Granados Recommended
Reference: LMAESTRO01
Libro pedagógico altamente especializado, de enorme interés para pedagogos, alumnos y guitarristas de todos los ámbitos musicales aficionados al flamenco.
Libro A4, 76 páginas. Incluye CD.
Idioma: español.
De este libro existen dos ediciones. Esta, solo en español.
Y en español, inglés y japonés, puede encontrarla aquí: https://bit.ly/2T9DloA

Flamenco Repertoire- Analisys of the "El Cante"  (Book/CD or Streaming Audio) - María Jesús Castro Recommended
This study guide is an excellent tool for getting closer to the flamenco repertoire for all those from outside flamenco, and for those who are familiar with its particularities and who wish to deepen their knowledge.
Spanish and English edition
Flamenco rhythm & singing method (Book/CD) by Curro Cueto Recommended
Reference: COF L&CDCANTE
This book/CD isn't only for those who want to learn flamenco singing; it's also for guitarists who want to accompany singing and who therefore must know flamenco songs. And since it consists of rhythmic exercises, it's also of great interest to percussionists. And of course for all those who want to understand singing and flamenco rhythms.
Flamenco´s Guitar Guide  (Book) - David Leiva Recommended
Reference: LGUIAGF/L-Guia GF
This guide contains all the clues to compose, Falsetas, chords, progressions, scales or to improvise in a quick and easy way. This guide is aimed to beginners and professional guitar players.
Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Japanese
A5, 100 pages
Historia Musical  del Flamenco - María Jesús Castro (Libro)
Reference: LMAESTRO03
Original y novedosa perspectiva que se centra en el flamenco como música alejada de los aspectos biográficos característicos de las publicaciones editadas hasta ahora en la especialidad.
Saving Pack  - Manuel Granados
Reference: PACKGRANADOS2/Pack Granados 2
Harmony and Flamenco Guitar Treaty, 2 Books/CD
Saving Pack - Jorge Cardoso
Reference: PACKCARDOSO/Pack Cardoso
Classical Guitar Technique, Science and Method. DVD and book
Saving Pack- Flamenco Theory
Reference: PACKTEORIA/Pack Teoria
Flamenco Músical Theory Books. 2 Books
Understanding Flamenco (Book/CD or Streaming Audio) by Faustino Núñez Recommended
Reference: RGB005ES//RGB005IN
Fifth edition of this Book plus CD in a comfortable A5 format. Contains the keys to understanding flamenco and its music: the rhythms and 'palmas' of all the styles, the flamenco guitar chords...
Languages: Spanish, English.
Flamenco Musical Theory (Book), Lola Fernandez
"Flamenco Music Theory" is an analysis of the specific elements related to its expression: form, rhythm, melody and harmony
Combo Flamenco (Book/CD) - David Leiva
Reference: ML2932
The collection “Combo Flamenco" is a new pedagogic work that includes Flamenco styles for four voices.
A4, 88 pag. Español, English

Recommended in "Didactic books - Flamenco theory"

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