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Saving Pack - Treatise of Accompaniment to "El Cante"- Soleá  1 & 2- (DVD/Book) - David Leiva Offer
The new collection "Flamenco Guitar. Treatise of Accompaniment to El Cante - Soleá" in DVD format with booklet reveals secrets of the great master accompanists of flamenco, offering unique and innovative material in flamenco pedagogy.
Aimed at new guitarists and professionals it offers the opportunity to analyse and interpret falsetas, remates, different accompaniment tricks, different rasgueos and chords depending on the chosen guitarist and his era.
Spanish, English and Japanesse
Volume 1&2
Saving Pack - "Alegrías" - Oscar Herrero Offer
Reference: PACKALEGRIAS/Pack Alegrías
Guitarra Flamenca Step by Step, Oscar Herrero - Alegrias - 3 Books/DVDs

Spanish, English, French and Japanese versions.
PAL and NTSC Formats.
Saving Pack - Basic Tecnique - Oscar Herrero OfferRecommended
Reference: PACKTBASICA/Pack TBasica
Basic Tecnique - Flamenco Guitar Step by Step.
3 DVDs with book + 1 Score book with the introduction themes from each DVD.
Spanish, English, French and Japanese versions.
PAL and NTSC Formats.
Saving Pack - Soleá - Oscar Herrero Offer
Reference: PACKSOLEA/Pack Solea
"Soleá" - Flamenco Guitar Step by Step, 3-DVDs & Book.

Spanish, English, French and Japanese versions.
Saving Pack -Bulerías-  Jose Manuel Montoya Offer
Reference: PACKBULERIAS/Pack Bulerías
Bulerías Step by Step by Jose Manuel Montoya- "Bulerías" - 2 Books/DVDs
Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese versions.
"Proposición" (CD) - Dany Noel Offer
Reference: RGBCD018

"Proposicion" is a perspective that embraces and blends together the "Latin Jazz", Cuban, Flamenco , African and Fusion atmosphere. Dany Noel

Cajon Method - Fusion - (DVD / Book), Dany Moreno OfferRecommended
Reference: DVDFUSION/DVD-Fusion
Cajon Method and other percussions ... Funk , Hip Hop, Fusión, Bossa Nova,
Shuffle, Shuffle (Be Bop), Swing, Swing (Be-Bop)

Spanish, English, Français, German, Japanese. Italiano
Cajon Method - Latin- (DVD / Book), Dany Moreno OfferRecommended
Reference: DVDLATINO/DVD-Latino
Cajon Method and other percussions ... Bolero, Cha Cha Cha, Songo, Afro, Guaguanco, Merengue, Reggae, Samba, Reggaeton
Spanish, English, Français, German, Japanese. Italiano
Progressive studies for Flamenco Guitar - Pack 5 (Book/DVD) - Mehdi Mohagheghi OfferRecommended
Reference: DVDEPPACK5
Soleá, Bulerías, Soleá por Bulerías, Alegrías y Tango studies for flamenco guitar, suitable for all levels. Measures and falsetas (variations) are gradually studied, reaching the right level to play falsetas of famous flamenco guitarists.
Spanish and English
Systems: PAL & NTSC
Saving Pack  - Dance with me Offer
Reference: PACKBAILACONMIGO/Pack Baila comigo
CDs collection  "Baila conmigo", Alegrías, Fandangos, Soleá, Tangos
Saving Pack - Cuban Tumbaos  (DVD/Book) - Dany Noel OfferRecommended
Reference: DVDTUMBAOSPACK/Pack Tumbaos
2 Books/DVDs  showing Tumbaos and ways of performance the Cuban mucis and Latin Jazz in different beats and accentuations.
Spanish and English
DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).
Saving Pack - Nights in Casa Patas Offer
Reference: PACKPATAS/Pack Patas
Nights in Casa Patas 5 DVDs collection 
Saving Pack - Toques Flamencos - Paco Peña Offer
Saving Pack: Book + DVD "Toques Flamencos", 10 themes for initiation into the flamenco guitar played at slow speed and normal speed. Interpreted by Eshan Faramarzi
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