Saving Pack- Andalusian and Flamenco themes Vol 1& 2 (2Books/CD) - Andrés Batista
    Andalusian and Flamenco themes Vol 1&2 
    Composed by Andrés Batista
    Played by Javier Conde

    Language: Spanish and English.

    Collection of 15 guitar solos and 5 guitar duets in two volumes, in music and tablature which we can enjoy, renovate or increase both, the technical and musical knowledge of our repertoire.

    Each volume includes a CD that will help us with the study of all themes, and enjoy whit the excellent guitar execution of the young flamenco guitar master Javier Conde, in the solo works, and the well know guitar player Jose´ Antonio Conde in the duets.


    Volume 1:

    1/ Sombras gitanas (Zorongo)
    2/ Tartaneros (4 muleros)
    3/ Lucero (Nana) Tres piezas españolas
    4/ Reflejos (Bulerías)
    5/ Hojas al viento (Madrigal)
    6/ Presagio (Rumba)
    7/ Puerta de Purchena (Tarantas)
    8/ Aires huelvanos (Fandangos)

    9/ Candelera (Bulerías de Cádiz)
    10/ Antillana (Rumba)

    Format A4 /CD
    178 pages

    Notation and Tablature
    Spanish, English

    audio example "Tartaneros" (4 muleros) - Tonada por bulerías
    score example "Tartaneros" (4 muleros) - Tonada por bulerías

     audio example"Sombras gitanas" -zorongo

    audio example"Lucero" -Melodía popular andaluza

    audio example "Reflejos" -Bulerías

    audio example"Hojas al viento" -Madrigal 

    audio example "Presagio" -Rumba

    audio example "Puerta de Purchena" -Tarantas

    audio example "Aires huelvanos" -Fandangos

    audio example "Candelera" -Bulerías de Cádiz

    audio example  "Antillana" -Rumba

    Volume 2: 
    1/ Torero y gitano (Chinitas)
    2/ Anda chiquilla (El trípoli)
    3/ Sabiqueña (Bulerías)
    4/Duquelas (Siguiriyas)
    5/ Plaza Real (Tangos)
    6/Añoranza (Milonga)
    7/Azúcar cubano (Colombianas)

    8/ Mis flecos (Tanguillo)
    9/ Aleteo (Vals)
    10/ En Ondas (Capricho) 
    Format A4 /CD
    167 pages
    Notation and Tablature
    Spanish, English

    Clip YouTube - SABIQUEÑAS-Bulerias
    Clip YouTube - MIS FLECOS (Dúo)-Tanguillos

    audio example "Azúcar Cubano" (Colombianas)
    score example "Azúcar Cubano" (Colombianas)

    ejemplo audio "Torero y gitano" -Tonada

    audio example  "Anda chiquilla" -Canción

    audio example  "Sabiqueña" - Bulerías

    audio example "Duquelas" -Seguiriya

    audio example "Plaza Real" - Tangos

    audio example "Añoranza" -Milonga

    audio example "Mis flecos" -Tanguillo

    audio example "Aleteo" -Vals

    audio example "En Ondas" -Capricho


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