Saving Pack (6 Books)- Paco de Lucia
    Saving Pack - 6 Books collection
    Paco de Lucía
    1.- La Fabulosa Guitarra de Paco de Lucía 
    Score book in notation and tablature. Transcription by Jorge Berges.
    Tested and certificated by Paco de Lucía.
    Barrio la Viña
    De Madrugá
    Farruca de Lucía
    Llanto a Cádiz
    Punta del faro
    Punta Umbría
    A4 format
    145 Pages
    2.- Fantasía Flamenca - Paco de Lucía
    Score book in notation and tablature. Transcription by Jorge Berges.
    Tested and certificated by Paco de Lucía.
    Aires de Linares
    Mi inspiración
    Guagiras de Lucía
    Mantilla de feria
    El tempu
    Panaderos flamencos
    Generalife bajo la luna
    Fiesta en Moguer
    Lamento minero
    A4 format
    154 Pages
    3.- Fuente y Caudal - Paco de Lucía
    Score book in notation and tablature. Transcription by Jorge Berges.

    Tested and certificated by Paco de Lucía.

    Entre dos aguas (Rumba)
    Aires choqueros (Fandangos de Huelva)
    Reflejo de luna (Granaína)
    Solera (Bulerías por Soleá)
    Fuente y caudal (Taranta)
    Cepa andaluza (Bulerías)
    Los pinares (Tangos)
    Plaza de San Juan (Alegrías)

    example "Entre dos guas"


    4.- Almoraima - Paco de Lucía
    The author of these charts has been the maestro Enrique Vargas, also the director of the collection "The Great Flamenco Guitars of Today Library", who had to face the tremendous difficulty of transcribing accurately every little detail of this historic work of art.

    Paco de Lucia implements in "Almoraima" various innovations unprecedented for the times: every one of the eight cuts of the CD has more than one -and some times up to five- guitar tracks; electric bass; percussion; a muted guitar track, and, sometimes, oud and singing. All of these elements made the task of transcribing this work tremendously difficult. In spite of this, maestro Enrique Vargas offers in every piece the solutions based on maximum fidelity to the original.

    All of these pieces are perfectly playable by solo guitar and a duo (with the exception of the rumba and sevillanas than are only suitable for a duo). Every piece is preceded by annotations in Spanish and English. The charts are presented in notation and tab. The fingerings for both hands and dynamic and technical characteristics are explained in the smallest detail.

    "Almoraima" (Bulerías) 
    In this piece the most important parts of the second guitar and the bass have been transcribed entirely. Where the second guitar plays generic accompaniment the chord symbols are provided. The oud track recorded by maestro Paco de Lucía has been transcribed entirely. This piece is playable as a solo as well as a duo.

    "Cueva del Gato" (rondeña)
    The guitar accompaniment played by Ramón de Algeciras has been transcribed entirely, which makes this piece ideal for a duo as well as a solo.

    "Cobre" (sevillanas)
    This piece is a duo where the main guitar interprets each sevillana in a different key and, sometimes, different tuning. The second guitar maintains the same tuning without a capo. In the third copla of each sevillana maestro Paco de Lucia recorded a second solo guitar track which does a sort of counterpoint with the main guitar. This track is also been transcribed.

    "A la Perla de Cadiz" (cantiñas)
    In this piece the most important parts of the second guitar have been transcribed. Where the accompaniment is generic chord symbols are supplied. In the final part of this piece maestro Paco de Lucía plays a brilliant improvisation over a sang melody that has been transcribed to be used as a reference or played by some other musical instrument if so desired. Can be played as a solo as well as a duo.

    "Ole" (jaleos)
    Despite this piece being a duo with both guitars completely transcribed, it's perfectly playable as a solo, too.

    "Plaza Alta" (soleá)
    In the final part of this piece enters the second guitar whose more important parts have been transcribed entirely. In the generic parts chord symbols are supplied. Can be played as a solo as well as a duo.

    "Rio Ancho" (rumba)
    This famous rumba is presented as a guitar duo with the accompaniment explained and transcribed in its most important parts. Chords symbols are supplied throughout the whole piece.

    "Llanos del Real" (minera)
    In the final part of this piece enter the second and third guitars that also have been transcribed.

    ejxample "Cobre" (sevillanas)


    5.- Siroco - Paco de Lucía

    Available - December 15th 2014

    A4, 206 pages

     Flamenco-Live and David Leiva present the book of the grand master Paco de Lucia, SIROCO.

    Eight sublime creation flamenco pieces with a perfect interpretation assumes, without doubt, a before and after for flamenco guitar and music, reaching unimaginable heights of composition and performance before.

    This book is made primarily for guitarists but any performer can read these scores. The eight songs are shown in standard notation and tablature with fingerings for both hands, bumps and dynamics.

    The interpretation of Paco de Lucía is as important as its composition, interpretive displays a surprising mastery, highlighting some notes and stroking others with pure finesse, giving these pieces of guitar concert a new dimension never before seen

    In the rumba "Caña de azúcar" is also transcribed second guitar and chords.

    Each piece is preceded by explanatory tex, harmonic and rhythmic patterns.


    La Cañada (Tangos)
    Mi Niño Curro (Rondeña)
    La Barrosa (Alegrías)
    Caña de azúcar (Rumba)
    El pañuelo (Bulerías)
    Callejón del muro (Minera)
    Casilda (Tanguillos)
    Gloria al Niño Ricardo (Soleá)

     book samples
    6.- Zyryab - Paco de Lucía

    A4, 240 pages

    Transcription by  David Leiva

     Flamenco-Live and David Leiva present the book of the grand master Paco de Lucia , ZYRYAB.

    Zyryab, the creation that revolutionized flamenco of that period. Paco demonstrated that elements of Jazz, if used wisely, perfectly fit into flamenco. He connected to the very orthodox flamenco idiom new harmonies, melodies and rhythms, carefully chosen from Jazz, and giving flamenco a totally new flavour. In that very period the famous sextet already had a great trajectory and this connection and comprehension can be perfectly appreciated. 

    On the record there are great pieces, as Zyryab itself, one of the most famous creations of the maestro. But there is also a historical masterpiece, the bulería "Compadres”, composed and interpreted with another maestro, Manolo Sanlúcar. A piece fully transcribed, both voices included.

    The eight transcriptions of Zyryab are written mainly for guitarists. There are also have been made adaptations of the mandolin parts interpreted by Carles Benavent and some parts of brass instruments played by Jorge Pardo, as well as the voice melodies of Pepe de Lucía and Potito. The piano parts of Chick Corea have not been transcribed since they are very spacious on the paper and this book mainly aims at guitarists. 

    The transcriptions are made for one, two or three guitars, depending on the piece, and show notes and tablature, with fingering for both hands as well as dynamics. Paco’s interpretation is as important as the composition itself, his mastery clearly reflected in this work.

    Soniquete (Bulerías) 
    Tío Sabas (Taranta)
    Compadres (Bulerías)
    Canción de amor
    Playa del Carmen (Rumba) 
    Almonte (Fandangos de Huelva) 

      Book sample

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