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    Saving Pack  - Flamenco Bass - Mariano Martos
    Saving Pack - Flamenco Bass
    Mariano Martos
    1.- Flamenco Bass Method 1 (Book/CD)
    Flamenco Bass method by Mariano Martos divided into four basic styles "palos": Rumbas, Tangos, Tanguillos and Bulerías.
    The exercises are conducted in a progressive manner to assist in learning.
    Practice of basic patterns of each style, at the end of the "palos" there are two "falsetas" from a well known tune or the author of this book to train the ear.

    CD includes 94 exercises + 4 loops


    Left Channel


    Right Channel

    Guitar, cajón, palmas & metronomo
    Guitar, cajón, palmas & metronomo
    + Bass
    Introduction, Teaching Method
    Positions and directions on the instrument
    Concept of structure and form
    Harmonic and Melodic Analyses
    Glossary, signs and articulations
    Hierarchy of band members
    Rumba Rhythm Section, Basic pattern, Development of basic pattern, Scales
    Traditional ‘Rounds', Alternative Techniques
    Falseta Limón de Nata (Vicente Amigo)
    Falseta Tendé (Mariano Martos)
    Tango Rhythm Section, Basic pattern, Development of basic pattern- Silences-, Arpeggios
    Scales, Traditional ‘Rounds'- ‘Cierres', Alternative Techniques
    Falseta Como el agua (Camarón)
    Falseta Sólo quiero Caminar (Paco de Lucia)
    Tanguillos Rhythm Section, Basic pattern, Development of basic pattern, Carles Benavent style pattern
    Rhythmic-melodic Development of the basic pattern, Basic pattern with harmony, Tanguillos melody
    Falseta Como suena (Blas Córdoba)
    Falseta Peroche (Paco de Lucia & sextet)
    4. Bulerías Rhythmic Section
    5. Bulerías
    Rhythmic keys- accompaniment of basic rhythmic patterns-, Closures, Silences, Traditional ‘Rounds'
    Traditional ‘Rounds' on ¾ time, Scales –Phrasing-, Accompanying the Cante, Alternative Techniques- Alzapúa
    Gitanos andaluces (One summer nights) / Bulerías Melodies
    Falseta La Luz de mi farola (Camarón)
    Falseta Buleriando (Moraito)

    Notation and tablature
    Spanish, English
    A4, 72 pages

    2.- Flamenco Bass Method 2 (Book/CD)

    The method is divided into six chapters, each of which corresponds to a different flamenco style, or palo. These are the Soleá, Guajira, Seguiriya, Alegrías, Fandango and Colombiana.

    Each of these contains:

    - Rhythmic Section / Analysis and description.
    1). Relevant explanation.
    2). Basic pattern of the palo.
    3). Ways of feeling the pulse.
    4). Basic structure, Harmonic Rhythm, Accents.

    - Basic pattern.
    Different developments of the patterns.

    - Complete rhythmic cycle or compás.
    Sample of the compás and traditional accompaniment with the most developed basic pattern. Pertinent explanations are given on the notes signalled in each stave.

    - Falseta.
    Sample of an original falseta (short musical phrase performed by the guitar) combining basic compás with personal creation. Contains the section "Analysis of form and content in the bass line.”

    - Falseta solo.
    The same falseta from its corresponding palo of the chapter, but mixed and produced in the usual way, with the normal stereo panning of original music. The metronome is muted for the same reason. The idea behind including this mix is to show the student how the music would sound in an edited recording.

    The book also contains two sections, which explain:
    1). Study guide.
    2). Resources for the development of ideas in bass line compositions.

    Traditional music notation is used, along with chord diagrams and TAB for four string bass. In the falsetas there is no TAB.

    A CD is included with the book, containing all the recorded material in open panning so you can listen with the click:
    1). The complete exercise in the middle track.
    2). The bass solo with click on the right.
    3). The exercise by itself (no bass) with the metronome on the left track.

    In the chapter on Colombianas a complete transcription of Paco de Lucia's composition called Monasterio de Sal is included. This is a key piece in the beginning of what today we can call the Flamenco Bass..

    Notation and tablature
    Spanish, English
    A4, 72 pages

    Soleá exercise
    Soleá Falseta
    3.- Flamenco Bass Clinic (Book/DVD)
    Technique study, examples of Rumba, Tangos, Tanguillos and Bulerías. Emulation techniques to other instruments and play with harmonics. Author's original compositions that show how to work on the studied rhythms.
    Book/DVD contents:

    Language: Spanish and English.

    DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).

    Finger combination: right hand's thumb, ring finger and middle finger (no recorded)
    Left hand (1st and 4th fingers)
    Mute Notes
    The Flamenco Quaver
    The "Rasgueo” (Strum)
    The chromatic "Rasgueo” (strum over the pattern)
    The mute strum (porTangos)

    Rhythmical part
    Basic Pattern of Rumba
    Development of the basic pattern
    Pattern with 5th and 8th
    Pattern with triads
    Pattern with pentathonic
    Pattern with Phrygian flamenco
    Closure pattern, (The "cierre”)
    Rumbas song

    Rhythmical part
    Basic Pattern of Tangos
    Development of the basic pattern
    Traditional cadence with "cierre” (closure).
    Pattern with rest
    Pattern with crotchet triplets
    TANGOS song







    Rhythmical part
    Basic Pattern of Tangillos
    Development of the basic pattern
    Pattern in combination with acute and grave 5th degree.
    Pattern in combination with 5 acute in a same bar
    Pattern with phrasing
    Tanguillos song

    Rhythmical part
    Basic pattern of Bulerias
    Basic pattern Development
    Pattern on two chords
    Pattern in traditional cadence
    Pattern with rests
    Pattern closure (cierre) in the 10th
    Pattern with Phrygian flamenco scale Bulerias song
    Emulating Brazilian percussions
    The Surdo
    The Berimbau
    The Cuica
    Playing with the harmonics
    Harmonic Bending
    Strum along the harmonics
    False Harmonics
    Legato of false harmonics


    The DVD has many possibilities as you can listen to the bass separately, or all instruments together combining the different instruments.
    Some examples.....
    Bulerías with bass, key, percussion and guitars Technique example
    Bulerías with bass and key Technique example
    Bulerías with bass, key and percussion Effects example
    Bulerías with key & percussion Legato example
      Julepe song
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