Como Soy (CD+DVD) - Jerónimo Maya
    Como Soy 
    Jerónimo Maya

    Palacio Real (Solea) 6:16
    Suenan Clarines 6:29
    Aurora (Granaina) 5:24
    Bramanes (tangos) 8:16
    El Gato (Farruca) 3:40
    Miguel el Rubio (Buleria) 4:46
    A ti Lola (Zambra) 3:35
    Mi Maria (Alegria) 4:13
    Como suena el rio (Minera) 5:53
    Balada a mi Mara (Balada) 3:20
    Puerta calle (Buleria) 8:07
    Lucas (Rumba) 5:52

    Audio Samples:
     Bramanes (tangos) , with Ramón el Portugués
    Suenan clarines, with Aurora Losada
    A ti Lola (Zambra)
    Mi María (alegrías), with Antonio el Ciervo
    Miguel el Rubio (bulerías), with Miguel el Rubio
    Puerta calle (bulerías),  with Amador de los Chorbos and Felipe Maya
    Como suena el río (minera) 

    The songs arranged for this new CD of Jeronimo Maya are all 'flamenco Puro' in the most authentic Caño Roto style having a wide variety of flamenco palos such as Tangos, Alegrias, Bulerias, Granainas, Mineras, Soleas, Zambras and Rumbas. This musically and technically complex style is unique to the gypsy neighborhood Caño Roto in Madrid, where the highest concentration of flamenco guitarists in the world can be found. Participating artists on the CD are all true Caño Roto famous flamenco artists of the level of Ramón El Portugués, Amador de los Chorbos, Samara Losada, El Bo, Luki Losada, El Buba de Jerez, Khalil kayam, Antonio el Ciervo, El Cuba, Miguel el Rubio, el Momo, Quilino Jiménez, Felipe Maya, Leo de Aurora and Aurora Losada. The CD will also contain a DVD 'The Making of the CD' having interviews with all artist and José Luis Garrido, videos of actual recording sessions andjuergas enabling you to witness the recording process from initial song arrangements until the mixing process.

    The new flamenco CD of Jeronimo Maya is produced by La Sonanta Productions in close collaboration with the expertise of the famous flamenco record producer and flamenco sound engineer José Luis Garrido from Musitron.

    José Luis Garrido has produced several famous CDs for the most famous flamenco maestros such as Chavela Vargas, Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Cañizares, Enrique Melchor, Enrique Morente, El Cigala, Potito, Ketama and even Camarón. In September 2000, the work of José Luis Garrido was nominated for the Latin Grammies as 'Best Sound Engineer' in producing the album "Toma Ketama".

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