How to buy

    How to Buy in
    By a few easy steps you will be able to purchase the item you want in a simple and secure way.

    Steps to purchase:

    1.- Search for the item you wish to purchase, you can do by different ways: Items will display all items in the store, search by Category and finally the Advanced Search.

    2.- Once you have identified the item you wish to purchase, select the button Add to cart. Remember you can always remove a product at the end of the process if you decided not to buy it, or change the number of units to be purchased.
    3.- You can choose to continue shopping or check out. If deceided checkout you have to selct  the delivery method
    4.- Select the Payment .
    5.- Check your personal data, if data is correct select OK and if you want to select Modify to change any data of the invoice.
    Your purchase has been completed successfully, you can print a copy of your pedal in PDF format or Html.
    6.- When the order has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail with the details of your order.
    It is important to keep the order number for any query or complaint about your order .
    As soon as your order leaves our warehouse we will send you back an email with all shipping data.
    What is the value of products in my currency?

    The Credit Card payments will be always done in Euros, to bill you in your own currency conversion value to the Euro at the time of payment.

    If you want to know the Euro exchange into any other currency, click on the currency converter at button top right. 
    See also the section on General Conditions, to issues related to customs and payment of product returns.
    How much are the shipping cost and how long it takes to get the order?

    The shipping cost depends on the goods weight and the destination country.

    Orders are shipped according to customer choice * by:
    - Courier  MRW or UPS
    - Mail Post

    * Except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands whose shipments are made by certified mail and exceptional cases to other destinations.

    After checking the shopping cart , you can still cancel your order without any obligation. You can always check your shipping costs before confirming the order.

    The approximate time of arrival of orders varies by destination.


    The delivery time in Spain and Europe (by Courier) is 1-2 business days, in the rest of the world is 2 to 4 working days. 


    The delivery time in Spain by Post is 48/72 hours up at the office of reference and in Europe and the world depends on destination.

    If you prefer other shipping, please contact us by phone or email.

    What forms of payment are available?

    The accepted payment forms are:

    - Credit Card:
    Payment by credit card supports only those transactions with "secure payment" technology. If your Credit Card does not support this system and the payment is rejected, make a payment through PayPal where you can pay with your credit card, despite not having a PayPal account

    The data in your credit card are not stored in any database or similar. We guarantee that all transactions are 100% safe, never be charged extra amounts on your card. The transmission of all personal data is conducted through a secure environment with a secure online server where the information is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to it.

    - PayPal Standard & any Credit cards:
    You can pay directly with PayPal if you have an account, and you can also pay in PayPal with any credit card despite not having an account in the PayPal platform.
    We recommend using this form of payment in case you have problems with the "credit card" payment method.
    You can watch an explanation video bellow.

    - PayPal Express: It is a faster payment method that PayPal offers to its customers.

    - Payment by bank transfer, in this case must take into account the following requirements:
    - Transfer costs are borne by the buyer, not to indicate cost-sharing, otherwise the order will not be served.
    - VERY IMPORTANT, the concept of transfer should indicate the order number and name of the buyer. To avoid confusion, it should send an email with the transfer voucher
    - The order will be sent once payment is received

    Bank transfer information:

    From Spain, made a transfer or deposit to:

    RGB Arte Visual S. L. (owner of
    C / Antonio Salces, 1 Office 1

    C / Corazón de María 78, 28002
    Account Number: 2038 1823 60 6000498032

    From outside Spain:

    RGB Arte Visual S. L. (owner of
    C / Antonio Salces, 1 Office 1

    C / Corazón de María 78, 28002
    Account Number: 2038 1823 60 6000498032
    IBAN: ES33 2038 1823 6060 0049 8032
    Accumulateed Points exchange procedure
    All products have assigned a number of points accumulated in your account when you make a purchase.
    In the category "Exchange Points" there is a products list that you can exchange for points you have accumulated through purchases at the online store "
    When exchange points for a product from this list, the indicated value will be deducted from your account of points. In this case only have to pay transport costs.
    We also inform you that the points you have accumulated are displayed next to "user name", located on the top. You can also view your accumulated points progress by consulting the "view previous purchases" within the "My Cart".
    Policies Coupon Code
    Promotional codes have a  valid period. Please consult if the promotional code is valid for certain products, such as musical instruments, it is not possible to apply in some products that are not producing
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