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How to Pay

The accepted payment forms are:

- Credit Card:
Payment by credit card supports transactions with "secure payment" technology. If your Credit Card does not support this system and the payment is rejected, make a payment through PayPal where you can pay with your credit card, despite not having a PayPal account

The data in your credit card are not stored in any database or similar. We guarantee that all transactions are 100% safe, never be charged extra amounts on your card. The transmission of all personal data is conducted through a secure environment with a secure online server where the information is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to it.

- PayPal Standard & any Credit cards:
You can pay directly with PayPal if you have an account, and you can also pay in PayPal with any credit card despite not having an account in the PayPal platform.
We recommend using this form of payment in case you have problems with the "credit card" payment method.
You can watch an explanation of the video below.

- PayPal Express: It is a faster payment method that PayPal offers to its customers.

- Bank transfer,
In this case, you will receive an email with the order information and all details to make the bank transfer.
The following requirements must be considered:
- Transfer costs are borne by the buyer, not to indicate cost-sharing, otherwise the order will not be served.
- VERY IMPORTANT, the concept of transfer should indicate the order number and name of the buyer. To avoid confusion, it should send an email with the transfer voucher
- The order will be sent once payment is received.

You can activate instant notifications to receive snotice about your order.The instant notifications of the store are activated, you can deactivate them if you want to stop receiving notices.Notifications are blocked, you must enable them in your web browser if you want to receive notifications
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