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Treatise of the flamenco compás in the Flamenco Guitar - Vol 1&2 - (DVD/Book) -David Leiva

Treatise of the flamenco compás in the Flamenco Guitar  - Vol 1&2 - (DVD/Book) -David Leiva
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Treatise of the flamenco compás in the Flamenco Guitar 
- Vol 1 & 2-
David Leiva
7 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese

The new Treatise of the flamenco compás in the Flamenco Guitar released on "DVD + booklet” shows the different ways of foot tapping to the rhythms of the different flamenco styles. The foot tapping is essential to keep track while playing solo passages, concert pieces and especially when playing in a band, it is also indispensable for activating our inner metronome.

Each style implies different ways of tapping the foot and in this treatise, a variety of ways of marking the rhythm will be shown:

To the quarter note - To the eighth note -To t he cycle - A modern way - 
The way of the palmas from Jerez - To every second beat - To every third beat

This Treatise of the flamenco compás is primarily addressed to guitarists, it doesn't, however, exclude no one since the study of the flamenco compás is generic.

In addition, the Treatise of the flamenco compás is designed for the initiation to the flamenco guitar. The guitarist will learn the most characteristic rhythmic flamenco styles by learning more than50 falsetas (melodic guitar interludes).

The styles are:

Cuaternario:Rumba, Tangos and Tientos.
Ternario: Bulerías, Soleá, Soleá por bulerías, Alegrías and Fandangos.
Amalgama: Siguiriya and Guajira.

Vol 1 includes: Bulerías, Soleá por Bulerís, Seguriya, Fandangos, Tientos
Vol 2 includes: Soleá, Alegrías, Guajira, Tangos, Rumba

In the booklet, there are guitar scores (notes, chord names, and symbols), the different rhythmic patterns for the foot markings and explications.

The DVD contains a number of videos that show the guitarist David Leivainterpreting all the styles, his foot marking the rhythm and a "flamenco clock” with tempo and footmarks.



Seguiriya example


Seguiriya at normal speed
Seguiriya at slow speed


Alegrías example


Alegrías at normal speed
Alegrías at slow speed

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