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Saving Pack (Book + CD) - Luzia, Paco de Lucía

Saving Pack (Book + CD) - Luzia, Paco de Lucía
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Saving pack - Luzia
Paco de Lucía

A4, 228 pages, Tablature and Notation, and CD

Language: Spanish and English,

Transcription by David Leiva

Flamenco-Live and David Leiva present the book of the grand master Paco de Lucia , LUZIA.

Eight sublime creation flamenco pieces with a perfect interpretation assumes, without doubt, a before and after for flamenco guitar and music, reaching unimaginable heights of composition and performance before.

Luzia, the Paco de Lucía´s creation which again surprised all flamenco fans. A record that gives priority to the rhythm and harmonies of flamenco. With these eight pieces, the maestro looks for more traditional styles like soleá, siguiriya or rondeña with a new formula for the flamenco´s guitar development and obtaining aunique and exciting work. Listening to Paco de Lucía singing to his mother and to Camarón, is the most sensitive and exciting that has been recorded in flamenco.

The transcriptions are made for one and two guitars, depending on the piece, also transcribed all Duquende and Paco de Lucía´s cante melodies, and show notes and tablature, with fingering for both hands as well as dynamics. Paco’s interpretation is as important as the composition itself, his mastery clearly reflected in this work.This book is made primarily for guitarists but any performer can read these scores. The eight songs are shown in standard notation and tablature with fingerings for both hands, bumps and dynamics

RIO DE LA MIEL (Bulerías)
ME REGALÉ (Tangos)
LUZIA (Siguiriya)
CAMARÓN (Rondeña)

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