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Practice the flamenco "cajón" (DVD), Guillermo McGill

Practice the flamenco "cajón" (DVD), Guillermo McGill
Brand: XGF
Reference: DVDCAJON02
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Practice the flamenco Cajón
Guillermo McGill

Script by Guillermo McGill and Faustino Núñez
Here you can accompany with your cajón the following styles of flamenco:

Bulerías por soleá

Access to two different set ups: one with all musicians, the other focussed on the cajón, showing it being played from different angles.

Also here the volume can be reduced, so the student can play on his own over the music.

Jose Luís Ordoñez : Guitarra Flamenca
Ana Salazar : Baile y palmas
Eva Durán : Cante y palmas
Angélica Leiva : Cante y palma

Duración: 60 minutes


Example with every musicians

Example focussed on the "cajón"

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