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Harmony applied to Bass guitar, Gustavo Gregorio

Harmony applied to Bass guitar, Gustavo Gregorio
Reference: Larmoniabajo
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Harmony applied to Bass guitar
Gustavo Gregorio

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Exercises with the instrument to practice melody, accompaniment, solos, and chord positions.
It is also very helpful to put effort into doing ear-training exercises 
to improve auditory perception

Besides the electric and the double bass, the rest of the F instruments Cello, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Bass Clarinet, Horn in F, Fagot, Contrafagot can make use of this method.






  • The Goal as a Beginning
  • Review of Essential Elements:
    1. Simple Intervals and Major, Natural Minor, and Chromatic Scales
    2. Compound Intervals (Tensions)
    3. Comparative Chart of Scales (+ Harmonic and Melodic Minor)
    4.  Modal Scales / Triads + Inversions
    5. Seventh Chords + Inversions
  • Tonal Functions of Chords / Cadences / Notion of "Guide Notes”
  • Sus4 Triads and Dominant 7sus4 Chord Forms
  • Secondary Dominants
  • Extended Dominants
  • Minor Keys / Modal Interchange
  • Diminished Chords / WS-HS and HS-WS Scales / Augmented Chords
  • Substitute Dominant Chords and Extended Substitute Dominant Chords
  • Relative II-7 Chords and Relative II-7 of Substitute Dominants
  • Modulation
  • Pedal Bass Note and Compound Chords:
    1.  Inverted Chords
    2. Hybrid Chords
    3. Polychords
  • Constant Structures
  • The Goal as an Ending
  • Answers for Practice and Ear-Training Exercises / Appendix

All chapters will have recorded exercises  for an accompanying bass and/or a solo bass.”
"Review of Essential Elements” Chaper has complementary recorded Ear Training exercises for each proposed item


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