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Flamenco Guitar Flamenca by Styles- RUMBAS - (DVD/CD/Book) - David Leiva

Flamenco Guitar Flamenca by Styles- RUMBAS - (DVD/CD/Book) - David Leiva
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Flamenco Guitar by Styles
David Leiva

7 languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Chinese
Book A4/Landscape 147 pages, DVD & CD

The new didactic collection "Flamenco Guitar by Styles”, by maestro David Leiva and produced by Flamencolive, is a work designed from elementary to the middle level.

The collection is classified by styles with the aim of learning all the major styles of flamenco to "compás” with modern and traditional content.

The collection begins with the style "rumba” and will continue with bulerías, soleá, alegrías, siguiriyas, tientos, tangos and fandangos. The guitarist will have the possibility to learn or perfect the flamenco playing in any of these styles in a modern and pleasant approach.

The RUMBA includes 78 exercises between arpeggios, thumb, tremolo, rasgueo, picado, Simultaneous notes, hits, alzapúa, falsetas (solos) and three complete pieces composed by David Leiva ( (Sueño, Aina, Aires).


- Book with 147 pages/landscape with explanations, scores and tablatures of all the exercises, falsetas and complete pieces

- DVD where all exercises are displayed on the screen: the complete guitar, right hand details, foot marking the "compás” (rhythm) and flamenco clock marking the accentuated beats of the characteristic cycles

-CD audio + MP3: In audio format includes all techniques, falsetas and pieces audios at normal speed. In MP3 format at normal speed and also at slow speed. In both cases with the guitar and percussion audio mix

The screen shows the guitarist David Leiva with detail of both hands, the foot and numbered musical compass

7 audio options:
1-Guitarra+percussion+foot, 2- Guitarra+percussion, 3- Guitarra+foot, 4- Percussion + foot, 5- Percussion, 6- Foot, 7- Gitar
The song "Aina" is interpreted with two guitars, both are shown on screen

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Normal Speed Slow Speed


 "Sueño" fragment


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