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Flamenco Jazz Translations (Book/CD) - Marcos Teira

Flamenco Jazz Translations (Book/CD) - Marcos Teira
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Flamenco Jazz Translations 
Marcos Teira

A4 format, 48 pages. Spanish and English.
Cooperacion de Mariano Martos (Bajo Flamenco)

This work in Book/CD format, offers ideas about how to adapt jazz and rock tunes to a flamenco musical environment. 

It presents five pieces arranged and re-interpreted from a flamenco perspective. Of these pieces, four of them are jazz standards and one is a theme popularized within the rock context. It includes detailed explanations about the flamenco styles ("palos”), as well as other rhythmic, melodic, harmonic and formal elements of flamenco.

It is a book/CD aimed at open-minded musicians who have drunk from the fountains of jazz, flamenco, or even of rock.

Recorded with flamenco guitar, electric bass, cajón and flamenco clapping (palmas). 

Good for all harmonic, melodic or percussive instruments since each arrangement is recorded with the possibility if ‘mute’ included in a CD MP3 format.

Book/CD contents:

Notes on harmony Flamenco language 
Hand clapping exercicies 

Round midnight (por bulerias, jaleos extremeños, granaína) 
Just friends (por tanguillos) 
Goodbye pork pie hat (por fandangos de Huelva)
Caravan (por rumbas) 
Misirlou (por bulerias y por tangos)


 Book and scores example 
  Round midnight example- all instruments 
 Round midnight example - without the BASS 
 Round midnight example - without the GUITAR
Round midnight  example-  Percussion 

promocional video 

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