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El Duende Flamenco (Book) - Paco de Lucía

El Duende Flamenco (Book) - Paco de Lucía
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El Duende Flamenco
Paco de Lucía

A4, 180 pages, Tablature, and Notation

Transcription by David Leiva
Language: Spanish and English,

Flamenco-Live and David Leiva present the book of the grandmaster Paco de Lucia, El Duende Flamenco.
Ten sublime creation flamenco pieces with a perfect interpretation assume, without doubt, a before and after for flamenco guitar and music, reaching unimaginable heights of composition and performance before.
"El Duende Flamenco” compositions are masterfully elaborated and mark a new compositional evolution, Paco de Lucía continues to demonstrate with this album its objective to show something new with each record work. This album shows an advanced technique for the time Zapateado harmony marks a new formula of composition, modulated by different tonalities and modes, a very advanced work for the time.
With these ten pieces, Paco de Lucia looks for more traditional styles such as the soleá, Sigiriya, or Rondeña a new formula for the flamenco guitar´s composition development, getting a unique and exciting album. In this album we can hear the "master” playing with the orchestra in several pieces, marking a new trend and putting an important point in flamenco guitar´s history, therefore we find ourselves with a historical record.
The transcriptions are made for one and two guitars depending on the theme. The pieces are shown in note and tablature with fingerings of both hands and dynamics. Paco de Lucía´s interpretation is as important as its composition.
Percusión Flamenca (Zapateado)
Barrio La Viña (Alegrías)
Doblan Campanas (Rondeña)
Farruca de Lucía (Farruca)
Tientos del Mentidero (Tientos)
Farolillo de Feria (Guajiras)
De Madrugá (Siguiriyas)
Cuando canta el gallo (Soleá)
Punta del Faro (Bulerías)
Canastera (Fandango)




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