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Dance with me "por Soleá" (CD)

Dance with me "por Soleá" (CD)
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Dance with me "por Soleá"
Dolores Gimenez


The "Dance with me" series was created by Dolores Giménez, the president of flamenco cultural association CARMEN AMAYAfounded in 1995, were she also performs as a dancer. This series is a fruit of Mis Giménez' vast professional experience - 32 years as a performing dancer and 20 years as a dance teacher. This CD series presents an analysis and instruction in four basic flamenco dance styles: Alegrías, Soleá, Tangos y Fandangos, covering all levels, beginners through professional. Very usefull for Dance Schools and all flamenco lovers.

The dance forms are performed in their traditional versions and typical tablao- style choreography.

The booklet included provides detailed explanations of all aspects of the flamenco dance theory. On the CD the pieces are presented in their entirety as well as divided in parts. Each complete dance is done in two versions: one with footwork and the other without. A sound signal is given before the beginning of each part. All of the audio recording parts are provided in real speed as well as a slowdown version.

     Dance with me "por Soleá"
Falseta de introducción
La llamada
La bulería 

The music variety of these CDs was created to facilitate the study of flamenco dance forms. There are two versions of each piece: one with footwork and the other without. The volume of some guitar and palmas (hand clapping) parts has been raised to allow a student to hear his or her footwork while practicing.

Cante: Raúl Jiménez
Guitarra: Fernando Mejías
Zapateado: Dolores Giménez
Tabla hindú: Ramón Mejías
Palmas: Dolores Giménez y Fernando Mejías


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