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Combo Flamenco (Book/CD) - David Leiva

Combo Flamenco (Book/CD) - David Leiva
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Combo Flamenco
David Leiva
The collection “Combo Flamenco" is a new pedagogic work that includes Flamenco styles for four voices.
Flamenco guitarists and musicians in general like flute-players, sax players, bass players violinists, pianists, percussionists… will have a new material for combo use or for individual practice with the same feeling of being playing in group.

The first voice is for Flamenco guitar; the second voice can be for any melodic instrument written in treble clef, the third voice, for instruments in "bass clef" and the fourth voice, for percussionists, dancers and “palmeros” (the persons who make rhythms with the hands to accompany the flamenco dance and cante) of the most traditional flamenco.

Combo flamenco is made from a flamenco vision, respecting the rhythm, the beat, the harmony… in order that it can be used as pedagogic material in conservatoires and schools of music.

The CD included in the method shows the works in 4 different ways:
1 ª track corresponds to the complete work, 2 ª without guitar, 3 ª guitar and percussion and 4 ª without percussion, in order that every musician can practice in different ways.

The first volume includes the main flamenco styles: soleá, siguiriya, bulerías, tientos and tangos.
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