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Chords for the Andalusian Cadence (Book/CD) – Yago Santos

Chords for the Andalusian Cadence (Book/CD) – Yago Santos
Brand: YAGO
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Chords for the Andalusian Cadence 
Yago Santos

A reference manual for amateur and/or professional flamenco guitarists.

Divided into two sections:

  1. The first section explains some basic musical concepts as well as the basic theory of chord construction. The chords that are discussed are among others triads (major, minor, augmented, diminished, sus4, sus2, and b5), seventh chords, diminished and half-diminished chords, ninth and sixth chords, eleventh, thirteenth, and altered chords. These are the most used chords in flamenco music and before putting them into practice it is important to know the basic musical theory of how they are constructed.
  2. In the second section of the book, the student will find more than 260 ways & audios of playing the Andalusian cadence in the key of E Phrygian ("por arriba”). It will be the student’s task to transpose these chords and their inversions to all the keys, or at least to those that are most interesting for one reason or another.

The idea of ​​this book is therefore that the student broadens his knowledge in the world of chords and their inversions, applied in this case to the context of the Andalusian cadence. It is not recommended to review the book only once, but it should be studied a little each day and with patience so that the student incorporates the possibilities that they like the most to their musical and guitar vocabulary. These chords can be very useful in the context of solo playing and cante accompaniment. It is important that both the ear and the fingers of the student become familiar with those variations that are not so familiar to them. In order to fulfill this, he must dedicate from fifteen minutes to half an hour a day to study these chords until he has mastered them completely. The study of chords should be a fundamental part of the study of the guitar, and this book will help you improve a lot in that regard.

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