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Cante and dance and its accompanient Method Vol. 3 (Book/CD)- David Leiva

Cante and dance and its accompanient Method Vol. 3 (Book/CD)- David Leiva
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A tutorial of flamenco and
its accompaniment Vol. 3
David Leiva
The tutorial of flamenco song and dance and its accompaniment is the first written material that presents all the basic melodic lines for flamenco song as well as the traditional dance structures written in score, in two-part form: voice and flamenco guitar (standard notation and tabulature).

The voice part shows a melodic example of a traditional verse, while the guitar part performs an example of accompaniment which also includes more than 70 falsetas of different levels of difficulty and techniques for both hands.

This material is aimed to guitarists, flamenco singers and dancers. It can also help composers and performers of other forms of music to enter the world of flamenco and achieve a more comprehensive knowledge of this musical genre.

Music schools and conservatories where flamenco is taught can use it as pedagogical material.

The CD includes all of the songs, performed by the great flamenco singer Juan Pinilla “Premio Lámpara Minera 2007 dentro del Festival de la Minas de la Unión”. There are 3 tracks for each cante – one for voice and guitar, one for guitar only and one for voice only. All of the guitar falsetas and the accompaniment are also performed.

The collection of work is divided by families into four volumes.
This fourth volume collects the families of the “Malagueñas”, “Cantes de levante” and “Cantes varios”.

Fandango de Almería, fandango del Gloria, fandango de Granada, fandango de Huelva, fandango de Lucena, fandango de Santa Bárbara, fandango natural, jabera, rondeña, verdiales, zángano de Puente Genil, Guajira, colombiana, rumba, milonga, vidalita, Sevillanas, campanilleros and petenera.
Estrucutra de baile fandangos and guajira.

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