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Accompanying the "Cante" from A to Z (Vol 1 Alboreá to Colombina) (Streamng/online)– David Leiva

Accompanying the "Cante" from A to Z (Vol 1 Alboreá to Colombina) (Streamng/online)– David Leiva
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Accompanying the "Cante" from A to Z
(Vol 1 Alboreá to Colombina) 
David Leiva

Streaming/Online format

The collection "Accompaniment the cante from A to Z” is the first work that includes the main melodic examples of cante in a score, written for two voices: cante and guitar (note, tablature ). The visualization of the cante with its musical accompaniment provides a new way of understanding flamenco.

This material is aimed at guitarists and singers, but this collection can also be very useful for melodic instrumentalists and pianists. Likewise, composers and performers of other types of music will be able to introduce themselves to flamenco or broaden their knowledge of this musical genre.  The conservatories or schools that teach musical studies on flamenco can use it as teaching material.

The work is organized by palos in alphabetical order in five volumes. Each volume incorporates falsetas composed by David Leiva of different levels distributed throughout the cantes, in order to broaden the repertoire and work on the technique of both hands.

The cantes are interpreted by the cantaores Juan Pinilla, Jorge Mesa "El Pirata” and Mauricio Cesteros "El Mauri”.

3 audio tracks are included for each of the palo: Cante-Guitar-palmas-cajón, Guitar-palmas-cajón and Cante-palmas-cajón. Allowing you to accompany the singer, and listen to all the falsetas and the accompaniment for the guitar.

The work is organized in alphabetical order of the Palos from A to Z, this First volume is made up of the following palos:

Alegrías de Cádiz
Alegrías de Córdoba
Bulerías de Cádiz
Bulerías de Jerez


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