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20 flamenco guitar studies (Book / CD and audios download) - David Leiva

20 flamenco guitar studies (Book / CD and audios download) - David Leiva
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20 Flamenco Guitar Studies
David Leiva

76 pages, A4 format, Spanish

The 20 studies included in this new book by the maestro David Leiva are composed with the aim to achieve an effective and direct way, a clean and perfect technique.

Each studio works on the different techniques of flamenco guitar, either right or left hand, such as; different arpeggio formulas, different picados, alzapúa, tremolo, capos, left-hand openings, speed synchronization with the picados, ligados ... another purpose when preparing these studies has been good compositional taste, works harmonic and melodic development in a modern and current way, therefore, we find some studies of great beauty.

This book differs from others because these studies are to achieve an advanced technique, starting from whatever level the guitarist has, the objective is assured if the steps are followed well. The pedagogical experience of the teacher is an important weight and this fact is reflected in this wonderful study book.

The book contains 20 tips that are as important as playing the studies if you also follow the tips you will notice the result of improvement in your touch much sooner.

In addition, it contains a final section with more than 50 formulas distributed by the different characteristic techniques of flamenco guitar, with 4 different chord progressions: Major and Minor Mode / Flamenco Mode in A, Flamenco Mode in F # and Chromatic.

Intended for elementary to upper-grade centers, these are very well-designed studies to be included in the curricular programs of any center that teaches flamenco guitar.

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