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16 Flamenco Guitar Estudies – Yago Santos

16 Flamenco Guitar Estudies – Yago Santos
Brand: YAGO
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16 Flamenco Guitar Estudies  
Yago Santos


Intended as a sequel to "20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes”, the longer, more developed exercises in 16 Studies for Flamenco Guitar further explore characteristic flamenco guitar techniques including: picado, arpeggio, tremolo, horquilla, the "chop,” ligado, and the thumb/index alzapua among others.

These intermediate-level studies are written in standard notation and guitar tablature with video included for ease of learning.

The pieces are designed and fingered pragmatically to enhance the student’s overall understanding of the flamenco technique and encourage the use of a broader range of studies in daily practice.

Left and right-hand digitation is provided throughout, along with occasional circled string numbers which clarify passages intended to be played higher on the fretboard, or on certain strings for a specific musical effect.

This product is unique not only for its inclusion of the author’s stellar video & audio recordings, but also for insightful practice tips that vary according to the player’s years of experience and level of development.

If you’re thinking "WOW!”— that is the appropriate response; this is flamenco instruction at its best.

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