MANOLO SANLÚCAR & ISIDRO MUÑOZ Study of the style (Book/CD) - José Fuentes
    Study of the style
    Transciption by Jose Fuente

    Manolo Sanlucar is considered as a reference for contemporary flamenco guitar. Paco de Lucia said of his recording "Tauromagia" it was the best album ever recorded flamenco guitar. He was one of the best guitar accompanying "al cante", and practiced intensively accompaniment. Our book provides a collection of Manolo Sanlucar recorded by falsetas to accompany the singing, and many of them are not in his records. Manolo Sanlucar usually plays with his brother Isidro Muñoz, and found it necessary to supplement our book with some flourishes touched  and some duets, fruits of the artistic collaboration of these two brothers. The CD is a compilation of the original recordings of all falsetas transcribed in this book.
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